Period Inspired Hand Lettering

The James Stuart Mfg. Co.
Logo Rendered in 19th Century Style

Working with clients, Chris creatively incorporates his own passion for lettering history. His insights into how to create factual and inspired lettering forms continue to help clients convey their messages. Chris delivers these messages through a range of media, from digital design files for local production to hand painted signs for film set or retail businesses.

Hector Farm Market

Hector Farm Market

Silver Strand

Silver Strand B&B

Terrapin Station

Resort Logo

Town of Ovid

Bicentennial Logo


Book Jacket Design

Underground Railroad

Event Poster

Blue Moon

Swing Band Poster

Waverly Piano Bar Restaurant

NYC Greenwich Village Bistro Logo

Johnny's Big Red

Collegetown Bar Logo Reflecting 1940's Heyday

Pianos Store Front

Faux Antique Pine

Buy Local

Faux Antique - Ithaca Farmers' Market

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