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Oil (30x56) Created from Aerial Photographs

Unlike drawing, which exists for its own sake, illustration serves a specific purpose. While art is intended for display in original form, illustration is intended for reproduction—whether on posters, in books or pamphlets, or on clothing. As such, its design requires problem-solving in order to conform to the physical aspects of its application. Whether for publication or display, Chris works in a variety of media depending on his clients’ needs.

Sundance Books Geneseo


Homer Wine Label

Colored Pencil Drawing

Musician Richie Stearns

Musician Richie Stearns

Mama Red's

Chef Sam Izzo

Evil City String Band

Evil City String Band

Fruit Truck

Oil on Canvas for Label

House Painting Redux

Oil House Portrait

Sundance Books

Sundance Books

Jack's House

Pastel House Portrait

Pen and Ink House

Pen and Ink House

Christmas Card

The Wolff Home

School Promotion

Middle School Poster

Promotial Concept

Promotional Design

Cornell University

Cornell University

Sundance Christmas

Christmas Bookmark